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Monday, 3 January 2011

Day 3

My 365 photo today had to be inside the house again. I'm staying in to try and get some work done on my dissertation. I thought I'd give Minty a rest and find something interesting to photograph in the house. My Mum keeps this bell on the hall table. She bought it when we lived in our old house to ring when dinner was ready. I was a teenager and my room was in the attic. When I was upstairs working listening to music, the bell saved shouting / trekking up 2 flights of stairs!

However, it has become habit to ring it. I usually help prepare dinner but if I am upstairs she still rings it, even though our new house only has a first floor. Minty knows it means dinner and he howls when it is rung!

I liked the different focus on the knut and bolt and the clapper (the ball inside). This picture reminded me of the Italian word for bell which is "campana" for a church bell or "campanello" for a smaller bell e.g. a bicycle or door bell. Campanology is the study of bells. I loved learning Italian at school because it is close in origin to Latin therefore similar words pop up in English a lot, which made it easy to remember!


houndstooth said...

You have some great shots and a pretty cool description of the bell in your family life. It's funny how we take some of those everyday things for granted! :)

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