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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Memories, Dreams and Reflections

1. Me!

On a night out in London. I guess I have always been happy and pretty confident but I am more so this year so that's probably what I'm most proud of. 

2. I Love You

More than words can say Baby Boy.

3.  Still Laughing

This plastic green dragon was one of Minty's Christmas presents. He absolutely shredded it to pieces within 10 minutes of getting it!

4. Winter Wonderland

Frost on the leaves, there was no snow when I took this.

5. Birthday

I celebrated with my university friends a week before my birthday. Being a Christmas baby, the two celebrations always merge a bit!

6. Friends

All that was left of the bottle of brandy after adding it to mulled wine.

7. I Was Inspired

To try Christmas tree bokeh after seeing other bloggers' photos. Then I spotted this little reindeer and thought I'd add him!

8. Spring Fever

Pretty spring light!

9. Travel or Vacation

My Mum and Dad on a bench in Central Park this summer.

10. Summer Days

Me and some old school friends at the beach near our house. I'm in the middle, Titanic anyone?

11. A Day in My Life

Training to be a dietitian, I spend a lot of time talking about food! We had to wear these hideous T-shirts when I was working at the hospital in the summer. They show the correct portion size of different fruits and vegetables. At the top is says, "Eat More Fruit and Veg". Sexy huh?

12. All Smiles

He always makes me smile!

13. Autumn Harvest

Horse chesnuts.

14. Family

With a corny heart shape of course!

15. Celebrate!

Baby opening his presents on Christmas morning. He actually does open them, we just have to give him a hand with the selotape!

16. Let's Do It Again

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC in the summer but one day did not even touch the surface. It was an incredible museum, I want to see more of it.

17. I Miss You

Still on the New York theme, I do love this city and I miss it.

18. Beautiful

How can that face not make you melt? "Ok you can have another biscuit, sweetheart!"

19. Dress Up

At a Christmas party, Lil' Elf!

20. Macro


21. Holidays

He got this blanket as one of his Christmas presents. He loves to be wrapped up in a blanket and won't settle down unless he's cosy in the evenings. He didn't look to impressed when I took this picture, maybe because I called him a Grandma?

22. My Favourite

 I'm a sucker for red berries in the snow. That's not a typo, favourite is spelt with a "u" in the UK.

23. Don't Ever Change

This boy loves his cuddles, I hope that never changes!

24. Just Because . . . So There!

Thought this one was quite fun. The purple blur is my Mum walking in the woods.

25. Hopes and Dreams

Minty makes little barking noises in his sleep and his legs move as if he's running. I wonder what he dreams about? My personal hope for 2011 is to complete my 365 project, let's see how it goes!

Wow that is the most time it has ever taken me to make a post! Check out all the other entries at Ramblings and Photos.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful photos. The shot of you is my favorite.

R Montalban said...

You look like you had a fun year, thanks for popping over to visit my blog and I wish you a happy 2011 too.

Anika said...

Great travel shot of your mom and dad...although your sweet puppy is adorable!

cooperl788 said...

I love your shots! I think my favorite is the one of your parents - it's so sweet and vintage! Happy 2011 to you!

Shannon said...

Gorgeous dog photos! Also, I love your New York City picture, too. Happy 2011!

Michelle said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Great collection of memories - I especially like your reindeer shot and your macro shot. I also love to see the love your have for your Baby Boy! Such a sweetie! Hope he does stay all cuddly - we're working with Storm more on that! lol!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Truly beautiful photos!


Ashley Sisk said...

You've taken some really beautiful photos in 2010 - I think my favorite is that first one of you! I can't wait to see more and I'm now following.

Becki said...

Very nice shots! I love the frost and macro shots, happy 2011!

Seizing My Day said...

Beautiful photos... I love the frozen leaf pic!!

Audrey @ said...

What a great collection of photos! have a great new year!

justine said...

what great photographs, I love your dog!

Natalie said...

Wow! What a collection of photographs you've got here! Your little man (Minty) is absolutely adorable! He looks like he's so much fun and a great companion! I hope you and him have a fantastic 2011!! And I also hope to complete my 365 project :)

Amy said...

love all the close ups! Thanks for stopping by.

Charlyn said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love your family photo with the heart effect. How did you do that?

Flyss said...

Thank you, I used a free photoediting software called PhotoScape. You can use different shaped frames and textures.

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