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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bath Bombs - Alternative Uses

I have been having a major sort-out at home and I came across a bath bomb which someone had given me as a gift a while ago. It has been sitting in my bathroom cupboard because a) I'm not a big bath person, I much prefer showers and b) my skin is so ridiculously sensitive I avoid using different / unknown products.

I enjoy being thrifty and am trying to be more so. The current Pinterest trend is helping me (to waste time) with this due to the never ending inspirations for crafts.

So rather than throw the bath bomb away, I had a quick search on Pinterest for alternative uses for bath bombs but couldn't find anything. I tried google instead and there were a few suggestions including drawer scenters which I thought would be perfect for me.

Here is the bath bomb, still in its box. It came packaged with popcorn which I thought was cute! I like the blue crystals in the top of it too:

I popped it inside a plastic sandwich bag:

And gently squeezed until the bomb started to crumble. It took a while to break up and get rid of all the lumps:

It was at this point that I discovered a fatal flaw to my plan . . . . the bomb powder was . . . . scentless. Perhaps because it had been sitting in a cupboard for a year or more : / How I managed to miss that crucial fact I don't know, possibly something to do with hayfever and sinus congestion.

Since a scentless drawer scenter is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, I went back to googling for other ideas.

I found something slightly less exciting but equally useful: using the powder as a scrub for the sink. Well, my sink needed a clean so I gave it a go and indeed, it worked beautifully. I only used a two-sided sponge, water and the powder and the sink looked super shiny! Plus I only needed a tiny bit of powder so there is plenty left over for future cleaning!

Showing you a picture of my shiny clean sink is a bit boring so instead, here are the pretty bags I would have put the powder in and used as draw scenters:

Thrifting complete for today!

Colours of The Rainbow

I snapped this pretty flower in the grounds of Hertsmonceux Castle during the Jubilee Weekend. I love how the colours change gradually from red to orange to yellow to green as you look down towards the stem. Isn't nature amazing?