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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sweet Success

Imagine my excitement when I checked back at The Paper Mama to see the winners for the Black and White photo challenge and my gorgeous Minty was there at number 2! My eyes nearly popped out of my head! Here is what the guest judge, Tezz, said:

"Sweet Minty captured my heart early on, this week...I couldn’t get this image out of my mind; his soulful eyes, looking slightly ashamed yet playful at the same makes me think he’s just got a ”talking to” for playing with the tree, but he just wants to go right back to it again!  A fun holiday photo, taken from a great point of view...and, that added twinkle is like the ”cherry on top” :D"

I have entered only 4 challeneges since getting a new DSLR a few weeks ago. The funny thing was this photo was taken a year ago with my old point and shoot and it came out awful! I really wish I had discovered photo editing software earlier rather than just accepting dire photos but that is the great thing about the blogging community, you learn so much from reading other people's blogs and looking at their photos.

I secretly had a little aim to get a top 5 listing in a photo challenge over the course of this year, when I intend to start a 365 project, so I feel very encouraged now but there is SO much more to learn, bring it on!

Thanks Tez, you have made my day!


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