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Monday, 20 December 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I have been stuck inside for a few days with a cold so I had time to try out Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week. Since I've been ill, I havn't really been outside so a few of these are off the Christmas tree!

1. Winter

I took this during the week when walking past Somerset House. During winter there is a skating rink in the square and it is like the London equivalent of Rockefeller centre, it is THE place to skate over Christmas. My university campus is literally the building next door and this year King's College London also bought part of Somerset House.

2. Black and white with selective colouring

Minty playing with his brightly coloured ball. It used to squeak but he chewed a hole and pulled the squeak out so it had been sewn back up.

3. The wind

This was the only wind theme I could find indoors. A decoration of  a Scottish bag pipe player which I bought in Edinburgh one year. I guess these need a lot of wind to play!

4. Framed

Counting down, only 5 days to go now . . . 

5. Remember when . . .

I used to play the saxophone. From age 12 to 18 I played in the school jazz band and orchestra. I swore I would keep it up at university but alas it is currently in the attic. Maybe when I graduate this summer I will have the time to take it up again. I remember spotting this angel decoration not long after I had started playing.

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Ashley Sisk said...

Thanks for linking up - my favorite is your winter shot. We don't have ice skating here so everytime I see pictures like that, I imagine how wonderful it must be. Have a wonderful week!

Sweepy said...

Minty is my favorite of course! The black hounds destroyed all the squeakies except my ball which I hide in my house.

Woof, I hope you get well ;-(

Susan said...

What fun shots, I really like the winter one.

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