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Monday, 28 May 2012

Heathfield Agricultural Show - Animals

Following on from my post on the vintage tractors, I just had to share some pictures of the gorgeous animals at the Heathfield Show.

Walking round the sheep enclosure, I realised how different sheep can look!

This beautiful guy was my favourite. He looked soooo silky and clean:

This one, on the other hand, needed a good old hair cut. It's hard to tell where the hair ends end the straw begins . . .

This one was dinky and cute:

But my favourite animal of all at the show was  . . . .

THIS gorgeous boy:

The was a pen full of real working bloodhounds. It was a hot day so the owners were splashing buckets of water on them to keep them cool and the dogs loved it. I wanted to take one home but Minty would have something to say about that . . .


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