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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Model Boats

A great uncle of mine passed away recently. He was a collector and builder of model boats and he left two to our family. Here are a few photos of one of the models of a Dutch boat.

I love the tiny little rubber ring, so cute! The attention to detail is amazing - note the hand rail and door handle. Its's difficult to see the size in these photos but these are tiny, tiny details.

 Crew member in orange suit, with the bridge behind him.  Everything is hand-painted.

 Love the red bell! Since we live 15 minutes from the sea, this model goes quite well in our house.

Not sure what this translates as?

The name of the boat. 

The details of the real boat. The model scale is 1:40.

I love the intricate detail on this model. Everytime I walk past I have to stop and have another look. It reminds me of a doll's house with all the little objects that are so realistic. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!


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