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Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Future of Eastbourne

Following on from my last post about rediscovering Eastbourne, I noticed a display in the shopping centre about an extension and revamp due to start this year. The current shopping centre is rather dull and dated with a poor range of shops:

However, a £65 million plan has been approved to transform the shopping centre creating 26 new stores and hundreds of new jobs. It is proposed that it will be finished by 2015 and look something like this:

Loving the double height glass frontage!


It is also likely that there will be a department store such as House of Fraser or John Lewis, something which is totally lacking in this part of the south east. If the redevelopment of the centre goes ahead as planned, it will mean a huge boost to the ecomony of the town. I know I would go more often. I'm excited, let's hope it all goes to plan!


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