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Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Black and White

This week's theme over at The Paper Mama is Black and White. I took this photo of my furry baby, Minty, last Christmas just after we had put up the tree. Originally it didn't come out very well but I've had fun editing it today. 

Minty can never leave the tree alone, always sniffing the ball balls, leaving wet nose marks on them and eating the dropped needles. He knows there are always presents for him under the tree and he gets so excited when he opens them (with a little help from me)! 

He will have an extra special Christmas this year as he had to have his left eye removed a few months back so he will be thoroughly spoilt!

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The Paper Mama


Kim Chodorowski said...

Ooooh I love what you did with this!

Tezzie said...

Love it! What a sweet pooch...fabulous angle, and love the added 'twinkle' :D

Photo Freak said...


Tricia said...

Tee hee! He looks so innocent, though. ;)
I really like the perspective in this shot.


Alita said...


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